Bug#918764: udev: "udevadm control --reload-rules" kills all processes except init

Gedalya gedalya at gedalya.net
Wed Jan 23 16:30:38 GMT 2019


I have been experiencing this issue on my local router. First it was a virtual machine running under KVM, with two pppoe connections, several vlans, no RAID, no (internal) LVM. After a while I migrated the functionality to the appropriate bare metal. I reinstalled and reconfigured from scratch as opposed to cloning the filesystem. Still no RAID, no LVM. I'm using sysvinit-core.

What triggers it for me is usually the one of the ISPs terminating the ppp connection. All processes get killed, and init re-launches getty's.

I have other machines using sysvinit-core but I'm unable to reproduce this issue on those. It just happened on the router VM and continues to happen on the physical router.

In my case it seems to happen only after udev is restarted (as would sometimes happen during a dist-upgrade). I can freshly boot the machine, restart udev, and then either bring down or up any network interface, or indeed run 'udevadm control --reload-rules' and it happens. Without first restarting udev, I haven't been able to reliably reproduce this.

It's been going on for a long time, and very hard to diagnose since nothing is logged, nothing is in dmesg, and I lose network access and don't normally have console access. All I can say is it has spanned several kernel versions and been going on definitely since systemd 239-?.

Now I've attached a serial console cable so I'm more able to investigate. I welcome your suggestions.

Thank you all,


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