Bug#132542: sysvinit: please make /etc/init.d/rcS a conffile

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Sat Jan 19 19:34:26 GMT 2019

[2019-01-18 02:20] Adam Borowski <kilobyte at angband.pl>
> > Wow. So strong reaction. Fine. Collegues, I understand your attitude.
> > You have some setup, with separate / and /usr, without initramfs, and
> > you do not want change anything.
> That ship has long since sailed.  What's the point of making sysv-rc support
> non-/usr early boot if the rest of the system doesn't?  It may still work on
> some simple installs, but even that quite rapidly degrades as random
> packages get changed to simplify this away.

The same argument could be applied to many other things: systemd,
web-2.0, html emails, MS Office, GitLab/Hub. Still, I use runit init
system, text browser, text mail client and still send patches via

I object when someone appears and try break my beautiful little
paradise.  And I definitely do not want to come and break someone's

> >   Okay. I moved {rc, rcS} to /lib (see commit 51170798), change will be
> >   in 2.93-4 (due in few days). Sysvinit will *not* assume, that /usr is
> >   mounted at /sbin/init invocation in Buster. I promise.
> That's a waste of your time.  Both for and after Buster.

That is being responsible to my users. I do not consider it waste.

> >  * what are your arguments aganist usrmerge?
> I'd reverse the question: what are your arguments _for_ usrmerge?
> Its proponents tend to conflate dropping early non-/usr boot
> with symlinking /bin + /sbin + /lib.

If we dismiss two-stage mount (ship sailed, as you claim), having two
separate locations for binaries is not logical.  If you want to discuss
usrmerge further, please move to another list (or, if you wish, send in

But, as you correctly mentioned, we are discussing early non-/usr boot

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