Bug#918764: udev: "udevadm control --reload-rules" kills all processes except init

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Wed Jan 16 14:49:17 GMT 2019

[ More eyes is better, so please use sysvinit at packages.debian.org
  instead personally me for sysvinit-related issues. I read list
  carefully. ]

[2019-01-15 16:17] Axel Beckert <abe at debian.org>
> Anyway, I'm taking Dmitry into Cc since sysvinit-core's init is the
> only process which survives this issue and hence might be involved.
> (Dmitry: Please tell me if I should rather send this to the
> mailing-list.)
> I will probably also check if an earlier sysvinit version, like e.g.
> 2.88dsf-59.11 (as 2.88dsf-60 IIRC had some issues of its own), makes
> the issue go away, just to be sure (like with udev 239-15).

Yes, please compare with sysvinit-core=2.88dsf-59.9 (version from
stable), but I doubt it have something to do with sysvinit, since the
only way sysvinit interacts with udev is 'Should-Start: udev'
dependency of some bin:initscripts.

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