Bug#923478: initscripts use unsafe `: >` shell command to create files

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at tarent.de
Thu Feb 28 18:59:11 GMT 2019

Hi Pierre,

I’d say that aborting might be preferrable, but I checked your patch.

In the first case, it’s indeed preferrable to continue the init script
(and have the two additional error messages from chmod and chgrp, but
it continue on), and in the second case…

>Init scripts try to use this for example in the bootclean.sh logic to
>create /tmp/.clean: there is even code to handle the failure case which
>unfortunately does not get run, in fact the whole cleanup operation is
>ended short.

… this is true: the error handling does not get run.

So (from a shell maintainer’s PoV) these patches are good and should
be applied, in time for buster.

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