First Devuan Conference -- April 2019

KatolaZ katolaz at
Thu Feb 28 12:08:27 GMT 2019

I thought this might be of interest for some of the readers of this
list, so I guess it is not totally off-topic. Please accept my
apologies if I am in error.

Devuan is organising the First Devuan Conference in Amsterdam this
coming April:

The converence will take place over three days, and will host talks,
presentations, and hacking sessions. The program is still open for
contributions, especially regarding init diversity and alternatives,
so feel free to reach out with proposals. Among other things, we will
also have Laurent Bercot talking about s6, and a hands-on session on
integrating s6/s6-rc as an alternative init/service management system
in Devuan.

Hope to see you in Amsterdam ;)



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