Bug#766654: bootlogd: fails to log into /var/log/boot on Jessie, dependency libc0.1 missing

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sat Feb 23 02:11:46 GMT 2019

retitle 766654 bootlogd: fails to log into /var/log/boot on Jessie
severity 564149 important
merge 564149 766654

> After checking with packages.debian.org missing dependency libc0.1

> Tried to install libc0.1 manually but no installation candidate
> available - proposed alternative packages tzdata, initscripts,
> libc-bin are installed.

I think there was some confusion from the reporter about the kfreebsd
dependency on libc0.1, which he doesn't seem to be using. Hence this is
just another unexplained case of bootlogd not logging to /var/log/boot.

Pierre Ynard

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