Bug#796014: urandom seed not saved on shutdown

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Fri Feb 22 11:31:13 GMT 2019

reassign 796014 systemd

> Do you use systemd as init? I think systemd stores the seed in
> /var/lib/systemd/random-seed instead, does that one get updated?

The email address of the original submitter bounces email back, so
he won't be answering that. We can only guess, looking at the dates
contemporary with the switch to systemd as default init, that the
systems mentioned did use it:

> I noticed that /var/lib/urandom/random-seed had a modify date in July
> (or June?) 2014, i.e. more than a year old, on my debian sid system
> (packages up2date) which I reboot every few days/weeks.
> On another system, xubuntu 15.04 (version 2.88dsf-53.2), the date of
> that file is August 06 2015, which is the date I installed the system.
> I reboot that one daily.

Also the second reporter did run systemd.

So the real issue here would be the confusion caused by systemd setups
pulling in the initscripts package (if that's still the case nowadays)
and thus installing init scripts that won't get run; and by using a
different location for storing the random seed, under a systemd-specific
file path, for a feature that is really independent of the init system.

What's the reason for using different paths?

Reassigning to systemd, if you guys want to do something with this.


Pierre Ynard

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