Bug#653329: initscripts: mountoverflowtmp forces reboot which should not be necessary

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Thu Feb 21 03:28:07 GMT 2019

retitle 653329 TMP_OVERFLOW_LIMIT forces reboot which should not be necessary
severity 653329 normal

/etc/init.d/mountoverflowtmp doesn't exist anymore but this was merged
into general tmpfs configuration. I hear (#567539) that back then:

> you can set MINTMPKB in /etc/default/mountoverflowtmp to specify the
> threshold for mounting an emergency /tmp

Now you can still set TMP_OVERFLOW_LIMIT in /etc/default/tmpfs, so you
can set it to a very high value to sort of disable the feature, however
maybe it should accept a value that properly disables it.

I hear that having a tmpfs mounted on /tmp is problematic for many
reasons, and that's why it was decided for the general case to revert
it and keep that feature disabled by default (#630615). But you point
out that it can be unsatisfactory how the current /tmp overflow feature
still kicks in.

Perhaps lazy unmounting with `umount -l /tmp` could help mitigate this
and restore the system without having to reboot.

Pierre Ynard

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