Bug#862217: initscript does fsck on empty floppy drive and stops booting

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Wed Feb 20 23:15:15 GMT 2019

reassign 862217 debian-installer 

> The installer puts entries in /etc/fstab. I think finish-install
> is in charge of that, but I am not sure if more than one component
> can actually mangle with fstab. If anything, it should run with a
> menu-item number larger than 6500 (base-installer).

The email address of the submitter bounces email back, so he won't be
telling us where that entry came from. Reassigning to the installer.

Dear maintainers, could you please look at this, in case you would know
about something that could cause an /etc/fstab entry for a floppy drive
with fsck enabled?


Pierre Ynard

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