Bug#575204: initscripts: grep complains about invalid back reference in umountfs

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Tue Feb 19 04:46:07 GMT 2019

> Probably we could just pass -F option to grep?

grep -F would seem a lot safer in many places, yes.

> By the way, could someone please explain what does this sed command
> mean?

> sed -n ':a;/^[^ ]* \/ /!{H;n;ba};{H;s/.*//;x;s/\n//;p}'

It is my understanding that it copies into sed's clipboard every mount
line that isn't mounted on "/", until it finds one that is, and then it
pastes from the clipboard and outputs all those previous lines and the
current one. In effect, that would only remove all the lines after the
last line mounted on "/".

Pierre Ynard

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