Bug#601054: add comments to /etc/init.d/.depend.* saying what program put them there

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Sat Feb 2 10:26:09 GMT 2019

control: retitle -1 move .depend.* files into /var/lib/insserv

[2019-01-31 17:28] Jesse Smith <jsmith at resonatingmedia.com>
> I don't think there is any reason to add comments mentioning the author
> in these files. Almost none of the config files under /etc list the
> program which created them. Plus these files are hidden so it's unlikely
> someone is going to stumble across them by accident. Suggest we close
> this report.

Not exactly. Ownership of files, *installed* by some package is easily
queried by `dpkg -S'. Creating files in /etc at runtime (as opposed to
making them part of package) is not good thing, since it prevents /etc
from being read-only.

I believe we already discussed this issue and came to conclusion, that
the right thing to do would be to generate .depends files in
/var/lib/insserv and adjust `startpar' accordingly.
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