Bug#935302: insserv: bootlogd stops too early

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at disroot.org
Fri Aug 23 12:22:40 BST 2019

control: tags -1 +confirmed
control: reassign -1 initscripts
control: severity -1 normal

[2019-08-21 15:22] Thorsten Glaser <tg at mirbsd.de>
> Package: insserv
> Version: 1.20.0-2
> Severity: minor
> Unsure which package, but:
> […]
> Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd.
> Stopping boot logger: bootlogd.
> Starting TLS tunnels:
> Setting sysfs variables....
> Starting Tomcat 9 servlet engine:.
> User-mode networking switch disabled ... (warning).
> Starting Micro Name Service Cache Daemon: unscd.
> Starting libvirt logging daemon: virtlogd.
> Starting libvirt management daemon: libvirtd.
> Starting Remote Desktop Protocol server: xrdp-sesman xrdp[20190821-15:20:30] [DEBUG] Testing if xrdp can liste
> n on port 3389.
> [20190821-15:20:30] [DEBUG] Closed socket 7 (AF_INET6 :: port 3389)
> .
> Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)
> <13>Aug 21 15:20:33 rc.local[4234]: All done.
> This is clearly too early.


I added "Required-Start: $all" into /etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd and run
insserv(8).  After that `stop-bootlogd` got ordered last. But there is
one issue.

This way, both `rc.local' and `bootlogd` depend on $all, but their
relation undefined. Well, it is lexicographic, but it plainly wrong.

Attempt to add "Required-Start: $all rc.local" causes multitude error
messages from insserv:

	insserv: Starting stop-bootlogd depends on rc.local and therefore on system facility `$all' which can not be true

@Thorsten Does it solves problem for you?

@Jesse Is is possible to specify dependencies between two scripts that
       both depends on $all?

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