Bug#934463: initscripts: consider taking over hwclock policy machinery

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Tue Aug 13 18:06:22 BST 2019

[2019-08-12 22:37] Andreas Henriksson <andreas at fatal.se>
> > This is how things usually done on non-conffiles. Are there
> > additional complications with conffiles?
> Yes, there are many gotchas with conffiles. Extensive testing is
> needed.

Yes. We could use semi-automatic tests in Docker, like
salsa:kaction/daemons. No, I do not volonteer doing same for this bug.

Alternatively, we could do it slower:

 * util-linux moves files in question into separate package <hwclock>
   and initscripts adds dependency on it.

 * initscripts incorporates <hwclock> package.

It will require two releases, but may be simplier.

> I'd say the two main things to test is that there are no confusion with
> unmodified files and also that local modifications (incl. removed  files
> staying removed) are properly transfered on upgrade. Special care then
> also needs to persist until after Bullseye release with further changes
> to avoid breaking any of the previous before everyone has upgraded.

Sounds bad, like I will have to take ownership of files, but will not be
able to edit them until next release.

> (Fortunately skipping releases aren't supported on Debian, but for the
> benefit of potential downstream distros you might want to ensure this
> for a longer time and hold back on modifications that might break the
> upgrade/handover of the conffiles.)

Even scarier.
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