Bug#926547: insserv: tests/run-tests are not used

Jesse Smith jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Mon Apr 29 01:05:48 BST 2019

I have been looking into the issues with the insserv test scripts. There
are a few problems here, in brief:

1. The test scripts were looking in the old area for insserv output and
missing some dependency information that way. I should have updated them
earlier. (This has been fixed.)

2. The scripts were not well integrated into the Makefile process. That
is to say running "make check" and "make distclean" should have been
handling the scripts better. (This has also been fixed.)

3. The scripts were causing insserv to try to overwrite the host
system's start-up dependency information in some instances, which could
cause problems if run as root/sudo. (This seems unlikely to happen, but
I've fixed this too.)

4. Some of the tests are expecting output which is different than what
insserv provides and, possibly, should provide. For instance, some
scripted tests fail if scripts without LSB headers are not inserted into
runlevels in a certain order. This one seems strange to me because, at
the moment, insserv does not try to place non-LSB scripts in runlevels
in any order, considering it something to be skipped over.

In other words, I think there is some difference in expectations between
what I think insserv should be doing and what the scripts we inherited
from downstream think insserv should be doing. I'm interested in getting
some feedback on this. If a script has no LSB header, should it be given
preset defaults, or should it be ignored? If the latter, I think we can
remove this series of tests. Which will mean there are just two errors
left for me to sort out.

- Jesse

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