Plasma with elogind

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Thu Apr 25 11:11:47 BST 2019


After a long time of hesitation I decided: I just give it ago and see 
how it works. Why? Cause I can. And according to aptitude it seemed easy 
enough to install systemd again in case it would be needed.

As I just wrote: This simply works.

Awesome job!

I did

aptitude install elogind libelogind0:i386

(to avoid losing some 32 bit packages depending on libsystemd0)

The boot from dual SSD BTRFS RAID 1 was really very fast. From my very 
subjective impression: Faster than before.

There was something flagged as red during boot, if I remember correctly.
But as everything I tested so far just works…

I just installed bootlogd to have a closer look after the next boot.

So far there is just one thing I found:

Pulseaudio is not started automatically at Plasma session startup.

I just pressed alt-space for krunner and entered "pulseaudio" to start 
it manually. Appears to work just fine. I could file a bug report about 
that, but first I'd like to see whether anyone of you has an idea about 
that. Maybe its something I can easily fix.

Next challenge would be to switch to runit. aptitude already offered me 
that, but I thought, let's test one thing at a time.


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