Bug#711853: 711853

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 11:41:57 BST 2019

>> I've always assumed that:
>> - the rcX.d links are only meant to be changed by running "insserv"
>> (directly or via update-rc.d)
>> - the dependencies of "/etc/init.d/foo" should be changed via
>> "/etc/insserv/overrides/foo"
> That sounds overly procrustean if applied rigorously, don't you think so?

On a personal laptop, maybe.

In a professional context, with multiple sysadmins and systems,
definitely not. The insserv man page should really say something like
"the /etc/rcX.d directories are owned by insserv and the symlinks that
they contain should not be edited manually."

If creating "/etc/insserv/overrides/foo" is too much, there's always
the option of editing "/etc/init.d/foo" directly, since it's generally
(always?) a dpkg conffile.

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