Bug#711853: Bug# 711853: insserv

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 00:06:01 BST 2019

> I just ran a quick test and can confirm that if I have an existing
> link to a service, for example /etc/rc5.d/S05bluetooth, then running
> the command "insserv bluetooth" will attempt to remove the old
> symlink and replace it with one that conforms to the LSB headers. In
> my case, removing the original link and creating
> /etc/rc5.d/S04bluetooth.
> Now, as to whether this should be considered a bug or a desired
> effect is open to debate. On the one hand it is understandable
> people might not want insserv to overwrite their changes. On the
> other hand, in my case insserv is fixing a mistake in my symlinks,
> and adjusting them to match their LSB headers.
> My thought on this is if someone wants to improve their start-up
> routine it makes more sense for them to edit their script's LSB
> header and re-run insserv rather than editing links by hand.

I've always assumed that:

- the rcX.d links are only meant to be changed by running "insserv"
(directly or via update-rc.d)

- the dependencies of "/etc/init.d/foo" should be changed via

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