Bug#923485: initscripts: Please make /etc/rc.local a conffile

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Wed Apr 10 10:55:13 BST 2019

Followup-For: Bug #923485
Control: found -1 2.94-2


now piuparts complains about a modified conffile on upgrades from sid to

You need to compare /etc/rc.local.dpkg-old against all known md5sums of
variants previously installed by some package version, and delete it if
it matches one of them, s.t. it is "upgraded to the new version".
Only preserve the old one if it obviously contains user modifications.

>From the piuparts output:

  Setting up insserv (1.18.0-2) ...
  insserv: FATAL: service mountdevsubfs has to exists for service hwclock
  insserv: exiting now!

could this be related to initscripts, too?

That's the actual failure:

0m40.8s ERROR: FAIL: debsums reports modifications inside the chroot:


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