Bug#926547: insserv: tests/run-tests are not used

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Sat Apr 6 20:14:27 BST 2019

Package: insserv
Version: 1.18.0-2
Severity: normal

Dear upstream maintainer,

during preparation of debian package of insserv=1.19.0 I discovered
issue with test suite (tests/run-tests), which was imported from

Firstly, this test suite is not run by Makefile:

	check: insserv
	ifeq ($(ISSUSE),-DSUSE)
		issuse=true tests/common
	#	issuse=true tests/suse

If I try to execute them myself, I get following error:

	$ tests/run-testsuite
	./tests/run-testsuite: line 982: _order: command not found
	error: 88 test executed, 3 fatal tests failed, 1 nonfatal test failed.

Looking up line 982 reveals following:

	${severity}_order S mountall needlocal

with `severity' variable is not set anywhere in script. If I set it
myself, like

	$ severity=check ./tests/run-testsuite
	error: 244 test executed, 3 fatal tests failed, 3 nonfatal test failed.

I get more sensible output, but still 6 tests are failing.

@Jesse, could you please take a look and maybe cut another upstream
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