Oopsie in sysvinit-2.92

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Sun Nov 25 00:55:57 GMT 2018

[2018-11-24 09:31] KatolaZ <katolaz at freaknet.org>
> > Dmitry, Benda, Ian: you find the relevant commit in sysvinit/master
> > for review.

Please, when you are requesting review, do not push to master. Remember,
you can not amend `master' branch once you pushed to it, no matter what!

I have following concerns about those three commits on `master' branch:

 * New upstream release should be incorporate as merge with `upstream-release'
   branch. Use `gbp import-orig --uscan'.

 * Your commit messages and changelog entries could be improved. The
   `gitlint' tool may provide some suggestions.

 * You do not add [ J. Random hacker ] into changelog as long you are
   the only person making changes.

Given that 2.93 is already released, I believe the best course of action
for us would be to revert your commits and package and upload 2.93
instead. I did it and pushed into `wip/master'. If there is no
objections, I will push it into `master' and upload to sid.

Please, do not touch `master' for now.

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