Oopsie in sysvinit-2.92

KatolaZ katolaz at freaknet.org
Sat Nov 24 08:18:13 GMT 2018

On Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 06:15:37PM -0400, Jesse Smith wrote:
> Earlier this evening I published a stable release of sysvinit-2.92 and,
> almost immediately afterwards, someone reported a bug against the beta.
> The bug is a simply typo, which affects pidof's checking of processes
> when the omit (-o) flag is used.
> Since it is such a small bug, I'm not sure what would be the best way
> forward for Debian/Devuan packagers. Is it more desirable to have a new
> sysvinit-2.93 release with the included fix, or better to leave 2.92 in
> its current state and apply the patch downstream?
> I'm slightly leaning toward a very minor new release of 2.93 this
> weekend with just this one change, but am open to suggestions.

Hi Jesse,

thanks a lot for the quick action on your side. I incorporated the
patch in the Debian package and pushed to master. I guess having a
2.92~beta-3 (or even ad 2.92-1) is enough. You are obviously free to
decide when and what to release upstream ;)

Dmitry, Benda, Ian: you find the relevant commit in sysvinit/master
for review.



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