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Fri Nov 23 16:18:21 GMT 2018

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Release 2.91~beta-1"):
> Dmitry Bogatov writes ("Re: Release 2.91~beta-1"):
> > (wish there were such thing as "reply to many emails at once")
> My mail client (VM in Emacs) can do that :-).
> > In our case I will definitely use `dgit push-source', but in case of NEW
> > I am a bit worried about automatic signed tags.
> > 
> > What if my package foo_1.2.3-1 get rejected? I will need to make changes
> > and re-upload, but I already have `debian/1.2.3-1' tag, published. How
> > would I amend situation?
> You would bump the version number.  Integers are plentiful :-).

I should say: you have two possible options.  One is to add a new
changelog stanza, with -2 version, and listing the changes since -1.

The other is to bump the version to -2 in the existing changelog
stanza heading, and bump the changelog trailer timestamp.  If you do
that you probably want to add a bullet point to the changelog stanza
saying `revision -1 was REJECTed from NEW' or something.

I prefer the former approach.

In either case there is nothing wrong with using a -2 version like
this.  Some other tools would require special options make sure that
the .orig is included in the upload, but if you are using dgit it will
automatically get this right (because it can query the archive to see
if the .orig is already there).


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