Release 2.91~beta-1

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Nov 22 13:32:11 GMT 2018

Joost van Baal-Ilić writes ("Re: Release 2.91~beta-1"):
> Indeed.  If what you use uses dpkg-buildpackage, you should make sure
> dpkg-buildpackage gets called with the right -v option: dpkg-buildpackage
> passes it to dpkg-genchanges.

In general, it is not adviseable to do binary builds for upload with
dpkg-buildpackage directly.  You want to do the build in a clean
environment, which means you need to be using a chroot build manager
such as sbuild, pbuilder or cowbuilder.  With sbuild (which is what I
use) that would involve passing
or some such.  Others can advise for pbuilder.

However you should be doing a source-only upload where possible; the
main case where it isn't is when your package will end up in NEW
(including because it has new binary packages).  In that case you can
safely just use dpkg-buildpackage in your development environment, and
then you want to pass -v.


> > > > Of course, IMO you should be using `dgit push',
> Yes you should :)

As I say, dgit gets this right automatically because it knows how to
query the archive to find out what the last version was.

Also, to do a source-only upload with dgit, you do not need to do a
build at all.  You can just say `dgit push-source' and dgit will do
everything for you.


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