Release 2.91~beta-1

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at
Wed Nov 21 14:02:18 GMT 2018

[2018-11-19 14:52] KatolaZ <katolaz at>
> On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 01:05:23PM +0000, Dmitry Bogatov wrote:
> > I just incorporated work of KatolaZ into master. I believe we could
> > upload 2.91~beta-1 into sid. Objections?
> > 
> > By the way, will BTS close bugs, mentioned in previous changelog entry?
> just to clarify: which changes are we talking about?

Take a look at master. I rebased your work at wip/debian/2.92, the most
nice part of which is big list of bugs, closed by upstream.

> wip/debian/2.92 branch is still work in progress, and is there only to
> merge the upstream work as soon as its done, so that we will have a
> 2.92 ready to go on sid when it's released.

No. Wait. We have 2.92-beta. Why not package and upload it?

> But I don't think we should merge 2.92 in the current 2.91 we have
> built for experimental.

Sorry, did not understood. What do you mean "merge"?

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