Please make /etc/rc.local non-executable by default

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at
Sun Nov 18 12:03:17 GMT 2018

[2018-11-16 09:50] KatolaZ <katolaz at>
> [...]
> The important point is just: what is the benefit of removing +x from
> /etc/rc.local?
> IMHO: no benefit at all. If we go for testing its existence and then
> subshell it if it exists, we remove the flexibility of disabling it by
> just chmod-ing it (and we force the sysadmin to delve into another
> script to disable it, if so she likes).
> It seems obvious to me that removing +x just adds complications and
> unneded surprise.

FWIW, after all this discussion, I am convinced that +x is right thing.
Thank you.

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