New startpar beta (0.61-beta)

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Sat Nov 17 21:16:13 GMT 2018

After going through the current range of Debian startpar issue reports,
I have decided to go ahead with a startpar beta. I thought there would
be more work there, but it turns out the effort to address the handful
of bugs and do the porting work I wanted to accomplish went quickly.

The new startpar beta is version 0.61-beta. The list of changes is
modest and mostly improves documentation. This beta also includes inital
support for building and running on FreeBSD. Here is the changelog:

* Applied signal patch from Petter Heinholdtsen which should avoid
masking SIGINT to services. Addresses Debian bug #679630

* Applied patch from Francis Russell which should greatly speed up
make-style dependency checking in startpar (Fracis's tests suggest patch
causes just 0.25% number of loop/dependency checks compared to
original.) This should close Debian bugs which report startpar is
bailing out when checking dependencies. Addresses Debian bugs #609959
and #696359.

* Documented -f flag. Should address Debian bug #763703.

* Documented -e flag.

* Made minor source adjustments so that startpar will compile and run on

The new beta can be found here:

Please report new issues to the mailing list:

- Jesse

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