Combing through startpar bugs

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Sat Nov 17 16:08:36 GMT 2018

I have been going through the reported startpar bugs in the Debian
tracker and have found most of the reports get into a discussion or
trouble-shooting and then just stop, so it's unclear if the situation
was resolved. Here are my findings:

Startpar bugs

534713 - Looks like this was fixed in a script update in 2009. Without
further information the report can probably be closed.

595481 - Not much information provided. Could probably fix the output
buffering by changing startpar's -t flag on the affected system.

679630 - Applied suggested patch upstream. This report can be closed
when startpar 0.61 is released.

763703 - It looks like this is a scripting error which calls startpar
with the "-f" flag. Have documented the -f flag upstream, but the script
which calls programs with -f should be updated to no longer use -f as it
does not serve a useful purpose.

740861 - I am not 100% sure, but I think this bug is related to Ubuntu's
Upstart init service. Without new/updated information we can probably
close this bug.

668354 - I don't think this is a bug, or it's a wontfix issue. Report is
asking for a way to automatically execute initscripts without having
them properly installed through update-rc.d.

734721 - No new information came in from this bug. Not sure if the last
suggestion fixed things. Can ask for more information or close the report.

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