Please make /etc/rc.local non-executable by default

Josh Triplett josh at
Fri Nov 16 18:28:17 GMT 2018

(Dropping the bug from CC, and this will in any case be my last mail to
this thread.)

On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 01:24:09PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> KatolaZ writes ("Re: Please make /etc/rc.local non-executable by default"):
> > The important point is just: what is the benefit of removing +x from
> > /etc/rc.local?
> > 
> > IMHO: no benefit at all.
> This is the clear and overwhelming consensus of the Debian sysvinit
> maintainers.  We have made our decision.
> Please do not post any more messages arguing to the contrary to this
> bug report.  We will regard such messages as abuse and act accordingly.
> If there are people who are still dissatisfied, your appropriate next
> step is to raise the matter with the Debian Technical Committee.
> FYI Matthew and I are determined to keep this mailing list pleasant
> and will not tolerate anything which might be perceived as sniping, as
> nasty, or as a gloating digression, nor other kind of messages which
> seem to us to be likely to offend, upset or annoy people, or otherwise
> disturb the good technical work being done here.


I was rather surprised by this mail and what seems like a fascinating
and entirely unnecessary escalation. Looking at the archives, I see that
there have been further mails and digressions from others later in this
thread (which I had not seen as they were not CCed to me). But speaking
only for myself, I certainly have no interest in pursuing this further,
and have no intentions of further mails on this bug. I've been
attempting, in this thread, to pointedly *avoid* straying off-topic, and
to keep things entirely civil and in good spirits; I certainly hope I
have not come across otherwise, and my apologies if I have. (Hence, for
instance, things like "This is off-topic and I'm not looking to explore
this on this particular list.  It's not init-system related."; there is
*no* need for every conversation on init systems to unnecessarily
balloon into off-topic explorations of every possible adjacent issue.)

I wish you the best of luck both in ongoing maintenance and in trying to
maintain a civil discourse.

- Josh

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