libpam-elogind-compat 1.3 (and d/changelog)

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Nov 15 13:16:11 GMT 2018

Mark Hindley writes ("Re: libpam-elogind-compat_1.0_multi.changes REJECTED"):
> I have also done a bit of work on this, mainly to add the
> symlink. This also means we can dispense with the lintian override.
> Maybe you could consider pulling from

Done, and since it was accepted I uploaded it too.  I changed the
Description a bit, you'll see.

And now an extended discussion on git changelog practice:

I burned the version number 1.2, since you had pushed a finalised
changelog entry for it, and I wanted to make a further change.  For my
workflow and my own practices this is IMO not a problem.

But, depending on the behaviour of other people, pushing a finalised
changelog entry other than as part of doing an upload can risk losing
work.  The lossage scenario if the uploader uses dgit is described

More lossage scenarios may arise if other contributors do uploads
other than with dgit.  (Because dgit has git to work with too, it can
do a fast-forward check, which purely-.dsc-based workflows can't.)

OTOH there is no good unfinalised changelog format for you to use
instead.  The current dominant convention in Debian is to write
UNRELEASED in the suite.  But of course that loses the suite
information and might result in an accidental upload to sid.
(Although again dgit would prevent this, because dgit would not upload
to sid without the user specifying --new, because the package does not
exist in sid already, and hopefully the user will realise.)

The format I prefer has no email/date in the trailer line.  That is
well supported by emacs, but it generates annoying warnings from
dpkg-source, and dpkg-mergechangelogs and dch mishandle it.

Anyway, I don't necessarily expect you to do anything differently but
I wanted to provide some facts.


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