/lib/init/init-d-script: exit 0 at end of script prevents all other exit codes

Benda Xu heroxbd at gentoo.org
Thu Nov 15 03:42:55 GMT 2018

Hi Petter,

Dmitry Bogatov <KAction at debian.org> writes:

> I do agree, that this line looks strange. It was introduced at commit
> `f611a05d16b3094139c2ea540817c00bdf93347a' with following comment:
> 	Make sure init-d-script exit at the end, to make sure init.d
> 	script is only sourced once.
> at 20 Feb 2014. Dear co-maintainers, do you understand (or remember),
> what is going on?

Do you think init-d-script unconditionally returning 0 is a typo?
Should it be `exit $?` instead?


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