Addressing more sysvinit bugs

Benda Xu heroxbd at
Thu Nov 15 03:23:29 GMT 2018

Hi Jesse,

Jesse Smith <jessefrgsmith at> writes:

> Hello gang, I've been gradually making my way through the init-related
> issues in the Debuan bug tracker. So far I've gone through about 50
> reports, fixed some, made comments on others as to whether they can be
> closed or if it seem the bug could be better addressed elsewhere. It
> feels like progress and I'm slowly running out of patches to apply
> upstream. :)
> Here is a summary of the last handful of reports I've read and
> addressed, or suggested they can be handled in initscripts or packaging.
> 590895 (valid bug, fixed upstream)
> [...]
> 622254 (Requested syslog feature was implemented upstream and is now in
> Debian. Can close this report.)

Thank you for your analysis on the bug reports!  I have went through the
list.  Looking forward to more :)


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