should not skip running fsck with JFS root

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at
Sun Nov 11 21:08:55 GMT 2018

[2007-01-29 17:37] Ari Sovijärvi <apz at>
> The JFS filesystem replays its journal when FSCK is run. Without
> journal replay the filesystem will not allow mount as RW. When running
> on batteries and the root filesystem is JFS, after a crash the system is
> left in unusable state since FSCK is skipped and as a result the remount
> to read/write attempt fails.
> Maybe we need a check if we're using JFS and then unconditionally run

While adding yet another special check into `' would
definitely solve problem at hand, probably there is something better,
less ad-hoc? Any ideas?

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