Elogind v239.1 Devuan/Debian combined source

Mark Hindley mark at hindley.org.uk
Sun Nov 11 14:54:55 GMT 2018

On Sun, Nov 11, 2018 at 11:45:10AM +0000, Mark Hindley wrote:
> I am recompiling policykit for elogind at the moment. It compiles well, but I
> keep getting it falling back to ConsoleKit!!!!

I have managed to recompile debian experimental's polkit aginast elogind.

With it, the polkit warnings are gone and I managed to change the session
manager state to PreparingForShutdown=yes with loginctl reboot. It also killed
the session, but the shutdown din't actually take place.

I have pushed my polkit tree to Github if anybody else is interested:


Small steps...


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