[chiark.chat] Re: RFH: sysvinit etc. in Debian

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Nov 8 20:20:33 GMT 2018

Lorenz writes ("Re: [chiark.chat] Re: RFH: sysvinit etc. in Debian"):
> * libelogind-dev is conflicting with libsystemd-dev (the man pages); I have no
> idea on how a Debian build machine work, but package like polkit-1 in Debian
> will        need both, can a build machine deal with 2 conflicting build
> depends?

Won't polkit-1 in Debian build just fine against the libsystemd-dev
that is there, and then work with elogind ?  We don't need to modify
polkit-1 in Debian, do we ?

Or to put it another way, I don't think getting a system that works at
runtime without systemd packages installed necessitates eliminating
systemd from the build dependencies of everything - in Debian, at

I don't know what polkit-1 is like in Devuan but I guess that there's
a change to the build-depends ?  Or maybe you're doing it with
Provides.  When we have libelogind-dev in Debian we can suggest that
polkit-1 ought to have an alternative for its build-dependency and
then presumably the package would build properly on both ?

In direct answer to your question, no, a build machine cannot have two
conflicting build dependencies installed.  So if that is needed then
it is something we'll have to fix...


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