Addressing more sysvinit bugs

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Tue Nov 6 12:49:44 GMT 2018

Jesse Smith writes ("Re: Addressing more sysvinit bugs"):
> On 11/2/18 9:19 PM, Adam Borowski wrote:
> > Do you have any disruptive or controversial changes already in to-be-2.92?
> > If not, what about making a smaller release sooner?  It's not like git tags
> > or archive uploads are very costly...
> It looks like Buster doesn't enter freeze until January 12th 2019 [1].
> Which is pretty close to when I wanted to push out the next version of
> SysV init anyway. So I'll just try to publish the next version (2.92)
> around the end of December instead of early January. That should give a
> couple of days for people to package and test the new version. Then
> about two weeks to migrate from Sid into Buster.

This is very tight.  If anything goes wrong the migration would be
delayed.  I would really suggest allowing at least four weeks.  Bear
in mind also that people are often away over the Christmas period...


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