On debian/sysvinit

Benda Xu heroxbd at gentoo.org
Sun Nov 4 15:15:51 GMT 2018

Hi KatolaZ,

KatolaZ <katolaz at freaknet.org> writes:

> I documented in the changelog the fact that most of the Debian patches
> are now not necessary, since the corresponding changes had been
> incorporated upstream. Please let me know if we need to put more
> information there. About the lsb-headers, I merged Dmitry's branch
> into mine, at the point it reverted the changes to lsb-headers.

I was not talking about your branch, but Dmitry's new upload of 2.91-1
(commit 5dd3c8d161949bbc0d26ff4c4d517ba390571adf) not including what we
have agreed upon.

> I would be glad to help with documenting the bugs (if any) that Jesse
> has fixed in 2.91

I did not mean documentation.  But just Dmtriy's new upload should
contain changelogs like:

 - new upstream release ( *** Closes: 890041, 515595 ***)

> (even if it looked to me like most of them are fixed in the current
> upstream development branch, which will become 2.92).

I am tagging this kind of bugs as "fixed-upstream" with Ian.


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