On debian/sysvinit

Benda Xu heroxbd at gentoo.org
Sun Nov 4 02:28:02 GMT 2018

Hi Dmitry,

Dmitry Bogatov <KAction at debian.org> writes:

> Great. Looks fine to me. I rebased your work on master and uploaded in
> into DELAYED/3. Just in case of emergency.
> Wish I will not forget to put debian/2.91-1 tag when package will hit
> archives.

In the previous discussions, we have agreed upon reverting commit
daa1e40ec7c3fb136a3f93e6f1a82dd699ec245e as well.  Let's first
understand `rmnologin`, `stop-bootlogd`, `stop-bootlogd-single` and
`single`, and reach a consensus whether '$all' can be safely removed
before action.

Did I miss anything or have you forgotten to merge
wip/revert-lsb-headers before upload?


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