Addressing more sysvinit bugs

Adam Borowski kilobyte at
Sat Nov 3 00:19:59 GMT 2018

On Fri, Nov 02, 2018 at 05:58:07PM -0300, Jesse Smith wrote:
> On 11/2/18 5:03 PM, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> >> In cases where I have listed the bug as "fixed" or "fixed upstream" it
> >> indicates the issue is solved in the current development branch of
> >> sysvinit. In this case it's the 2.92 branch, which will likely reach
> >> a stable state around the start of 2019.
> > 
> > This appears to be a bit late for Debian Buster, at least when I look at 
> > the freeze timeline¹.
> Agreed, 2.92 probably won't make it into Buster. However, I am hopeful
> that 2.91 will, which upstreams several Debian patches and fixes several
> bugs compared to the older sysvinit 2.88 version.
> Since almost everything in the 2.92 branch at the moment is a bug fix
> for Debian, perhaps those fixes can be backported in the Debian 2.91
> package? I'm not 100% sure of the Debian policy on backporting fixes.

Do you have any disruptive or controversial changes already in to-be-2.92?
If not, what about making a smaller release sooner?  It's not like git tags
or archive uploads are very costly...

Thanks for your work, by the way!

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