about insserv and startpar

Irrwahn irrwahn at freenet.de
Fri Nov 2 22:31:27 GMT 2018

KatolaZ wrote on 02.11.18 12:03:
> Hi All,
> I guess we should also take care of insserv and startpar:

I apologize in advance in case I'm stating the blatantly obvious here, 
but just wanted to mention that the openrc package depends on insserv 
as well. Just as a heads-up to keep in mind that changes to insserv 
might inadvertently affect openrc's behavior.

Oh, by the way, for those who don't know me yet:

Hello list,

most of the time I go by the handle "Irrwahn", yet my real name is 
Urban Wallasch. I'm listed as a developer on the Devuan page. However, 
I am not a package maintainer but rather more of a tester, bug reporter 
and general contributor. 

Congratulations on the excellent work on sysvinit et.al.!

Best regards

Sapere aude!

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