Addressing more sysvinit bugs

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Thu Nov 1 22:24:26 GMT 2018

Hello gang, I've been gradually making my way through the init-related
issues in the Debuan bug tracker. So far I've gone through about 50
reports, fixed some, made comments on others as to whether they can be
closed or if it seem the bug could be better addressed elsewhere. It
feels like progress and I'm slowly running out of patches to apply
upstream. :)

Here is a summary of the last handful of reports I've read and
addressed, or suggested they can be handled in initscripts or packaging.

590895 (valid bug, fixed upstream)

717531 (valid bug, fixed usptream)

635473 (Appears to be a mount/installer error which has been solved. Can

367428 (Accepted a modified version of patch upstream to allow last to
display usernames longer than 8 characters.)

534587 (Appears to be a packaging bug rather than an upstream issue. Do
not think it has been resolved yet.)

660335 (Also appears to be a downstream packaging request - with a patch
- not sure if it has been applied.)

669049 (Packaging issue with provided solution. Looks like this was
addressed and fixed in Debian 9 Stretch so the bug can be closed.)

699087 (This report includes a bunch of patches for improving scripts.
Doesn't appear to relate to upstream.)

774179 (This report provides patches to clean up Debian packaging. Not
related to upstream.)

372668 (The suggested documentation changes have been made upstream. Can
close bug.)

374040 (This seems to be a kernel issue and no response has come from
the request for more information for 12 years. Suggest we can close.)

478595 (Suggested translation for manual page, have not received it in
four years. Can probably close.)

486258 (This is related to Debian-specific init scripts rather than

512821 (Packaging request, not related to init scripts or upstream.)

598891 (Accepted suggestion to make shutdown command quiet. Applied
upstream. Can close bug report.)

619869 (Downstream init scripting order.)

374039 (I think the reporter is confusing initscripts (init.d) with the
sysvinit programs as they're mixing up script variables with sysvinit
manual pages. Can close this report.)

477656 (Packaging suggestion for inittab, not applicable to upstream.)

67321 (Report is basically asking for sulogin to remove password prompt
because entering a password to perform system recovery is inconvenient.
This seems like a highly insecure suggestion. Rejecting this idea
upstream and recommend report be closed.)

622254 (Requested syslog feature was implemented upstream and is now in
Debian. Can close this report.)

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