On debian/sysvinit

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Thu Nov 1 18:42:03 GMT 2018

[2018-11-01 14:14] KatolaZ <katolaz at freaknet.org>
> I just wanted to ask if there are any comments about last email by
> Benda? I have cherry-picked the changes that reverted the previous
> changes in lsb-headers by Dmitry, but not those that added $all to
> Required-Start (TBH I agree with Benda and I don't like it either,
> since it is potentially going to remain stuck in too many cases,
> IMHO).

I am no expert at LSB headers, I already broke them once :)

> The changes are available in the branch wip/debian/2.91.
> I will now proceed building that same version for Devuan/experimental,
> so that we can start testing.

Looks reasonable. I rebased `wip/debian/2.91' on `master' and added
a bit of polishing. But what concerns me is that you drastically removed
numer of patches (very good thing, in general) in
`debian/patches/series', but left them lying in `debian/patches'.

I believe it is just a `oversight, but I ask you to make commit, that
removes these patches yourself. Just to make sure.

Also, please use same name in both `debian/changelog' and
`debian/control'. Otherwise lintian believes that release is NMU.

Best regards, Dmitry Bogatov, a Debian Developer.

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