List configuration for message digests

Roger Leigh rleigh at
Sat Dec 29 20:20:24 GMT 2018

Hello there!  I've been subscribed to the list digest for a few weeks.
You might remember me from a few years back as one of the Debian 
sysvinit/initscripts maintainers for a while.  While I don't have the 
capacity to be involved actively, I'll listen in and might have one or 
two bits to contribute now and again.

One thing I noticed is that the message digest doesn't include the 
messages as EML attachments.  While this makes it more readable for less 
capable mail clients, it also makes it impossible to reply to any of the 
individual messages, without losing a lot of context and needing to 
manually set the recipients, bug#, subject etc.  Would it be possible to 
adjust the mailman configuration to send as EML attachments, so it would 
be easy to reply to individual bugs?


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