Bug#763965: initscripts: systemd.automount with option noauto in fstab should not mount mountpoint

Michael Biebl email at michaelbiebl.de
Sat Dec 29 18:45:11 GMT 2018

Am 29.12.18 um 19:34 schrieb Dmitry Bogatov:
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> [2014-10-04 15:18] Jakob Schürz <wertstoffe at nurfuerspam.de>
>>> Am 2014-10-04 14:02, schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
>>>> [Jakobus Schürz]
>>>>> using systemd-automount trys to and mounts mountpoints, which have the
>>>>> option "noauto" in fstab. 
>>>>> exactly: the combination of "comment=systemd.automount,noauto" mounts
>>>>> all this mountpoints on bootup. The problem is the file
>>>>> /lib/init/mount-functions.sh
>>>>> systemd puts automountpoints in mtab with "systemd-1" as device. The
>>>>> mount-functions.sh ignores this and tries to mount all this mountpoints.
>>>> If domount() try to mount a entry with the noauto option, it sound
>>>> like a bug.  Adding another option seem like the wrong fix.  Are you
>>>> sure this is a good approach?
>> There is an issue with systemd.
>> When i have an mountpoint with the options "defaults,noauto", nothing
>> happens on boottime.
>> But if there is "comment=systemd.automount,defaults,noauto", the
>> mountpoint gets mountet by domount.
>> When I debugged this, i saw, the "DEVNAME" systemd-1, which is created
>> by systemd.automount is not recognized. So, there is a mechanizm missed
>> for this in the mount-functions.sh.
>> It belongs to the "MOUNTMODE=mtab"!! In mtab is the Option "noauto" not
>> listet.
>> So this issue occurs there in domount.
> I do not fully understand the essense of bug, but the mention of
> systemd-automout suggests that it might be misassignment.
> Systemd maintainers, what do you think?

I don't think so.
The bug report said that using "comment=systemd.automount,noauto"
confused mount-functions.sh and the "noauto" was not properly respected.
So looks like a genuine bug in mount-functions.sh if the code is still
the same.

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