Removing conflicts of init system

Lorenz at
Sun Dec 23 18:28:22 GMT 2018

The problem I see with alternatives is: what happens when I have init X
set as the current alternative and I boot into init Y with a kernel command
or with a Grub-init-Y line?
Will I end up with init Y but with all links pointing to init X commands?

Il giorno dom 23 dic 2018 alle ore 15:58 Dmitry Bogatov <KAction at>
ha scritto:

> > But what is the gain over alternatives?

Possible gains I see are:
* less complexity in maint scripts
* deal with multiple inits installed and
   booting in a non default init at one time
I can summarize that checking every time for the current init
may look worthless but it's more robust then one-time check.
In the middle there is the "more-then-one-check" solution, setting the
alternatives at install, at boot and i don't know where else, but here
complexity increase..
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