Bug#717358: Incorrect comments in rc script

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Wed Dec 19 23:40:53 GMT 2018

control: tags -1 +moreinfo

[2013-07-19 22:41] Алексей Шилин <rootlexx at mail.ru>
> Dear maintainers,
> There are comments in /etc/init.d/rc script, which say, that init scipts are being run in parallel [1] [2].
> However, the code flow suggests exactly the opposite: they both occur in sections, which are executed only if
> $CONCURRENCY value is *not* "makefile", and therefore the non-parallel `startup' function variant is being
> used.
> [1] http://sources.debian.net/src/sysvinit/2.88dsf-43/debian/src/sysv-rc/etc/init.d/rc#L151
> [2] http://sources.debian.net/src/sysvinit/2.88dsf-43/debian/src/sysv-rc/etc/init.d/rc#L200

I can confirm issue, but I am not that familiar with code to fix these
misleading commends. What about just removing them for now?


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