Bug#443247: libpam0g: During configuration, "restart" kdm "starts" it!

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Thu Dec 20 01:14:59 GMT 2018

The current documentation reads:

invoke-rc.d itself only pays attention to the current runlevel;
it will block any attempts to start a service in a runlevel in which the
service is disabled.  Other policies are implemented with the use of
the policy-rc.d helper, and are only available if /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d
 is installed in the system.

kdm is *not* disabled in runlevel 1.
So I'd argue that the documentation is not incosistent with its behaviour.

That said, it would probably a good idea if libpam0g drops that restart
altogether (that functionality is of questionable value imho) or at
least uses invoke-rc.d try-restart, to avoid unnecessarily starting
services which haven't been running.

If Steve is open to handle this in libpam0g, I'm going to reassign this
back. Otherwise I'll close this bug report in a couple of weeks.

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