Just a sudden burst of joy

J M G novdomo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 22:12:09 GMT 2018

I make this incursion, just to thank you all for this.
As a plain user, having observed the sharp and interesting rise of Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD several years ago, all the hurting inside Debian community
from the systemd flame war some time later, followed by the sad agony of
that project, the ocurrence of debian-kfreebsd's thread that has this
mailing list as a consecuence is, simply, a reason to belive just a little
more in humanity.

It is not a consequence only of a "functional" perspective that this work's
starting spark had been originated in debian-kfreebsd's mailing list, but
something that relates to the power of the diversity when it is not taken
by the way of fragmentation. but the way of functionality and collaboration.

That was also a good point in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.

There is humanity and a huge functional potential in just playing around
with pieces to make them work together with a sort of "standarization" in
sigth, and trying to defend the possibility of this kind of work.

Thank you all.
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