Bug#915671: symlinking /tmp to /run/tmp does not work

Serge Belyshev belyshev at depni.sinp.msu.ru
Thu Dec 6 03:45:43 GMT 2018

> This is *WRONG*, it will also return 0 if /tmp is not a symlink.

Wow, my bad, sorry for the noise.  Should not have really mixed C and
shell code in my head.

> (Also, use test -h instead of test -L for symlinks, cf. the
> GNU autoconf texinfo manual, *Limitations of Builtins::)
> What about this instead:
> 	if test -h /tmp; then
> 		# symbolic link
> 		# will be created by mount_tmp if it does not exist
> 		test -d /tmp || return 0
> 		# but we’ll clean it if it does
> 	fi

Indeed your version is better.  (Although as a minor nitpick
bootclean.sh uses [ and -L in other places, so it will look inconsistent)

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