[PATCH] Allow /tmp to be a symlink to /run/tmp

Serge Belyshev belyshev at depni.sinp.msu.ru
Mon Dec 3 05:55:41 GMT 2018

>> In /usr/share/doc/initscripts/README.Debian it is documented that /tmp
>> could be a symlink to a non-existent directory, which will be created.
>> However, this fails because bootclean.sh runs before mountall.sh and
>> clean_tmp() chokes on a broken link.
> Thank you for your contribution. Next time I recommend you to create
> bug. It will get forwarded to this list.

Okay, thanks, will do next time.

> While this patch looks reasonable, sorry my curiosity, why this
> functionality (/tmp could be link to non-existent directory) in useful?

Actually there is no particular reason -- I stumbled upon this possible
configuration just out of curiosity: I did see that RAMLOCK=no and
RAMSHM=no settings in /etc/default/tmpfs allow one to use /run/lock and
/run/shm under the same /run filesystem, and deciced to check if the
similar trick would work for /tmp.

As documented in /usr/share/doc/initscripts/README.Debian an (initially
broken at the very beginning of startup) symlink from /tmp to /run/tmp
would do the trick, but it didn't -- there you go.

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