elogind plan

Adam Borowski kilobyte at angband.pl
Sun Dec 2 22:42:26 GMT 2018

So... what's the plan with elogind?

We need some sort of transition, _plus_ testing.  And Buster's freeze is

There's of course that policykit-1 issue; do we have a plan?

Besides that, with libpam-elogind-compat installed xfce works for me, and
since today so does mate.  But, that compat package is not going to hit
buster (nor even sid), so we'd need to fix dependencies.  I think smcv's
suggestion from January would work -- we can replace depends on
"libpam-systemd" with "default-logind | logind", with elogind declaring
Provides: logind (and on some derivatives, also default-logind).  That
would handle packages needing this part of the functionality.  Does this
sound ok to you?  If so, please say so -- I still have a set of patches
implementing this, thus filing bugs would be far less work for me.  And
if you have a different but similar solution, it's likely a sed job on
the patches would be enough.

There's also the matter of upgrades: there's a need to be able to switch
from systemd to sysvinit+elogind, which you can't currently do (systemd's
prerm refuses to remove while it's pid 1).

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